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Perth Web Design & SEO

Welcome to Perth Sites

Perth Sites is a small team of only four staff who specialise in web design and search engine optimisation (SEO). We manage a large porfolio of ~150 successful websites, almost all of which are for our loyal Perth based clients. We have been doing web design in Perth for over a decade and are widely considered one of the best firms in Perth due to our extensive experience and length of time in the Perth web design industry.

Our web design services focus on incredibly effective seo. We are essentially booked out indefinately but with our current staff we can now take on new clients who have small or medium sized projects. The waiting list for our web design & seo services is currently only 4-6 weeks.

We prefer to work for small to medium sized businesses where we can deal one on one with the person in charge but have also worked for large companies including West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited and other large stock exchange listed companies.

About Perth Sites Web Design

Perth Sites was started way back in 2001 when there was only a handful of Perth Web Design companies. We began doing SEO before it was even called SEO. Due to our own site being ranked #1 on every search engine for terms such as 'web design perth' and 'web design australia', we quickly grew to the point where we had to knock back more work than we could take on. Nowdays, we are much more relaxed and content looking after our existing clients while also happy to take on the odd new client.

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